[Wasabia] Antibacterial Ball Shower


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With 7 functional balls such as Wasabia antibacterial ball + chlorine ball + mineral ceramic ball + tourmaline red clay ball + alkaline ball + magnetite ball + calcium ball, this shower provides effective purification and antibacterial activities. Narrow stream comes from small holes of shower head and this could save more than 20% of water.
increases activation energy and provides healthier water.

Expiration date : 2 years (filter replacement time: 3 months)
Volume : 26.5x10.5x8cm, Total - 386g / shower - 235g / Filter - 17g
Manufacturer : Peniel World Co., LTD
Main ingredients : Shower head 1 + Filter 3 + Wasabia antibacterial ball + Goat ball + Mineral ceramic ball + Tourmaline Yellow soil ball + Alkaline ball + Magnetite ball + Calcium alcaline ball 7 functional balls
1 shower head + 3 filters

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