[SaladBowl] Sweet Rice Punch. CHIChye Onuel (245mlX10ea)


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• It is a traditional fermented saccharified Korean rice drink made by fermenting rice with maltose. It has been served as a dessert for better digestion after having a meal at a holiday or a feast. • When nonglutinous rice is cooked with less water, mix the cooked rice with malt that is diluted with water and leave it while making it warmed overnight. The sweetness and fragrance of malt can be felt because the rice is fermented by diastatic enzyme contained in malt. • If temperature is low while Sikhye is being fermented, the rice will be spoiled. If temperature is high, saccharification will be hindered. • More than anything else, malt and rice must have good quality to make delicious Sikhye. It is important to keep a proper temperature and proper duration for fermentation

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