[Ryo] Ginsengbo Super Revital Total Care (for oily) shampoo 400ml * 2pcs


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[Ryo] Ginsengbo Super Revital Total Care (for oily) shampoo 400ml * 2pcs
For hair that has been weakened or damaged by aging, chemical processing or environmental stimulants,
Ryo Ginsengbo Super Revital Total Care for shampoo gently and effectively treat damaged hair from root and scalp with deep nourishment to restore the health of hair,
give volume and prevent hair loss. It suppress the scalp trouble factors and strengthen the hair root for healthy hair.
This Super Revital TotaL Care shampoo restores hair's health, moisture and elasticity effectively and transforms yours into shiny, sleek hair.

Volume / Qty : shampoo 400ml * 2pcs)
Recommended for : For oily
Made in : KOREA
Expiration date : 36 months after production Date


1. Wet the scalp and hair using lukewarm water.
2. Apply adequate amount and lather bubbles for scalp and hair while massaging.
3. Rinse off with lukewarm water throughly.

INGREIDENTS (Ryo Ginsengbo [for oily] shampoo)

Purified water, sodium laurelsulfate, flavouring agent, sodium chloride, dimecoide, laurycide, setyl alcohol, cocamide emay, sodium benzoate, guahydroxypropylmoniumchloride, sodium salicylate, trichloride, phenol, caprylic glycol, microcrystalline cellulose, corn starch, cithricade, ginseng extract, di-C12-13 alkylmalate, sodium citrate, mannitol, linalul, dysodium idythe,malt extract, hexylacine male egg, butyl phenylmethyl propipioneal, citroneol, plum extract, rimonen, butylene glycol, ethanol, cocamidoprotein, hydrozenate dresitin, C12-15 parres-3, hydrolide osulfide,guju pine leaf extract, salicylic acid, sodium hydroxide, scoalan, sacral extract, copper bag oil, mugwort extract, golden extract, sea pine oil, ethylene hexylglycerine, sesame oil, gaciopathic root extract, ginger extract,Yeongji extract, pine bark extract, Aspergillus effluents, cross-fertilus oil, galchi extract, saccharine extract, Dangzangdae root extract, spruce extract, plum tree extract, lotus seed extract

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