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[RC-2] Modoru Hair Rejuvenating Solution (20ml)


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Product Features
The amino acid-based silk protein is filled in the empty space of hair, in order to restore the damaged hair.
Restorative product that makes your hair stronger and healthier even under the heat.

Volume; 20ml 

Expiration date; Unopened 3 years from date of manufacture, 

                         1 year after opening

How to use : 1. Remove water after shampooing. 

                     2. Apply an appropriate amount to hair and wipe down from top to    

                         bottom, then massage it, clean under running water.

                     3. Apply the product evenly with wet hair after removing the water.  

                         Massage for 5 minutes.

                     4. Rinse under running water.

                     5. Be careful not the get product in your eyes.

Made in Korea

Manufacturer; JACHIN

Main ingredients : Hydrolyzed Keratin + Collagen, Hydrolyzed Silk, Lanolin

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