[Quret] Skin Barrier Snail Ampoule (Moisturizing) (5EA)


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- 30ml / 1.01 oz

- Customized solution to skin trouble.
- Recovery and solution ampoule for various types of troubles.
- Sodium Hyaluronate makes skin moisturized and supply moisture to skin.
- Set the balance of skin moisture and prevent dry skin.

- Quret is recommended by Russian Customers
- Store opened at Подружка(Podruzka)

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Quret Skin Barrier Ampoule series


"Customized Solution Ampoule for all skin problems"

Recovery and solution ampoules for various type of skin problem


Quret Intensive Revitalizing Ampoule (Total 5 Variety)

● Quret Intensive Revitalizing Ampoule maintain your skin soft and refreshing by quickly being absorbed to your skin. 

● Imbalances sebum and heals your skin from feeling dried.

● Maintain your skin acidity with Quret Ampoule’s PH 5 & 6 formula.

● Only composed of what’s needed onto your skin for your skin to be healthier.

● You can pick and choose what your skin is needed by choosing from variety selections.


Quret Skin Barrier Snail Ampoule

"The extract of snail in the ampoule helps to increase skin elasticity through skin nourishment!"

Snail Ampoule

Core Solution

● Snail Secretion Filtrate helps with skin hydration and turns your tired looking skin into vital and radiant skin.

● Glutamic Acid Maintain your skin acidity with Quret Ampoule’s PH 5 & 6 formula.

PH 5 & 6 Formula

PH 5 and 6 imbalances and strengthen your skin surface,

Makes your skin plumber, smoother, and softer.

Best Ampoule Combination for your skin

Everyone wants to be beautiful. There is a secret to anyone.

I tell you a secret way to pursue the best beauty.

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For Beauty 

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#CGMP #ISO certificated #CPNP #CPSR

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