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nature’s present for your skin
OV In Nature 24
Soft, Moisturizer & Silky Look
Skin Care Solution

How to use : use it after washing face
Made in : THECOSMEDIUM Co.,Ltd
Main ingredients : chamomile, olive oil, spybean oil
Qty / Product Composition 4ea/ Cleanser 120ml,Essence 80ml,Serum 30ml,Cream 50ml
Expiration date :a sepearate mark

NO Chemical Ingredients​

​Premium natural cosmetics
with over 24months fermentation!

ORGAVALLEY was born with ancient remedy. This premium
natural cosmetics contains essence of state of the art natural
ingredients. To keep promise of high quality natural cosmetics,​

​ORGAVALLEY keeps the following principle.​

​No Alcohol, No Surfactant, No Preservatives,
No Artificial Colorant , No Petroleum-based ingredients​

​Skin Science
from Nature
NO Chemical Ingredients
A great balance of natural
ingredients and traditional
fermentation with the modern
THECOSMEDIUM has engaged in a long-time
research to avoid the factors threatening the
human’s life and disturbing the ecosystem and
as a result, we finally successfully developed a
new technology in application of nanoparticles
from high organic molecular compounds,
using the “special enzyme method”; therefore,
we could launch eco-friendly and highly
functional cosmetics in convergence of the
traditional fermentation and the advanced nanotechnology
for natural ingredients.

​Comparison of Igredients​


​Free from chemicals including synthetic coloring or perfume that becomes a causing factor of skin trouble, as well as chemical surfactant and preservative that removes the natural properties
Key ingredients
Chamomile(Herb) : Sterilizing and soothing, alleviating allergy, antiseptic, purification,
refresh, neutralizing the skin irritation without causing acne in skin
Soybean Oil : A calming and soothing oil that contains lecithin and sterol, vitamin A,E, and K
Olive Oil : It contains very strong antioxidant ingredient; therefore it prevents free-radical
activity Causing the disease and ageing. It also reduces the bad cholesterol level​.

​Other General Cosmetics​

​Mixed and used about 20 to 50 types from currently available 5,000 types of chemical substances including emulsifier, germicide, preservatives, coloring, synthetic perfume, etc.
Key ingredients
Surfactant : It is considered one of factors taking lipid from the skin or causing roughness and
eczema in skin. it also may cause liver damage
Coloring : Mainly uses the tar color extracted from oil, which is commonly known as carcinogenic
Preservatives : Added to prevent the decays of product due to chemical variation;
the carcinogenetic substances, Such as salicylic acid phenol, etc. are used
Synthetic Paraben preservatives : It prevents the bacterial growth to maintain cosmetics in fresh condition but when it absorbs into human blood, it is built up the internal​ ​organs and muscles to cause breast cancer in women​.

OV In Nature 24 Nutritive Deep Cleanser / 120ml​

​Magic cleanser that protects skin barrier - Hydration+Nutrition+Deep Cleansing in 1!
Various natural and herb fermented ingredient turned into nano-particle.
Skin feels deeply hydrated even after washing face. It delivers hydration and active ingredients into dermis to prevents aging. Removes color make-up, dirt all together. Even children are able to use with mild formula.
Direction to Use
Put decent amount on hands and lather it. Massage onto wet face. Wash off with lukewarm​  ​water. Gently pat with towel to absorb excess moisture.​

OV In Nature 24 Synergy Essence / 80ml​

​Long lasting hydration effect, Add firmness, Excellent absorbtion,
balance of moisture and hydration, Cell renewal] Toner+Emulsion+Essence in 1!
It keeps moisture all day to prevent wrinkle, excellent formula that make skin hydrated and moistured. Concentrated retinol and plant collagen prevent wrinkle, add firmness and gives life back to dull looking skin. Skin becomes live and soft.
Direction to Use
Add coin size product on face and neck after cleansing. Gentle massage helps absorption of​ ​nano-particle.​

OV In Nature 24 Super Repair Young Age Solution Serum / 30ml​

​It contains plant collagen, natural collagen and natural Tocopherol. Skin becomes youthful with anti-oxidants, vitamins, excellent hydrating, nutritive ingredients. It add firmness and gives lifting effect.
This excellent serum instantly treats dry skin just with one application. It add moisture and hydration that skin needs. It fills skin with effective ingredients.
Direction to Use
Put one or two pumps on hands first, then gently pat it on face and neck. Use day and night.​

OV In Nature 24 Extra Enriched Solution Cream / 50g​

​Rewind time with help of nature! Anti-wrinkle & brightening in one!
/ KFDA certified with whitening and anti-aging.
Highly moisturizing formula and light texture helps fast absorption.
Especially natural origin ingredients keep skin bonding and helps skin re-generation.
It strengthen skin barrier and gives long lasting hydration and nutrition. It sooths skin and add firmness, skin become radiant and youthful.
Direction to Use
Put decent amount on hands and apply on face and neck. Starts from center of face and move toward to outer side of face. Massage upward motion on neck.​

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