[MIELMI] WHITE MANDARIN Chips (60g/12pcs)


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Sour sweet and crispy citrus amd white chocolate
individual packaging.

Name of the product; White mandarin chips
Food type; Fruit-fed products
Content; 60g/12pcs


Raw material: Palm-nuclearized oil[Malaysia,Indonesia] .Mixed battery milk[ [Netherlands].

Blended skimmed milk[Netherlands]. cocoa butter. Lecithin. Glycerin ester

. synthetic flavouring [ vanillin, milk]. dried citrus 34.4%. milk. soybean


Manufacturer : Jejudo jejusi jocheoneup namjoro 3 gil 112

Item report number : 20170627116-8

Expiration date; The expiration date is listed on the product.

Precautions; eat it quick after the release Storage method; store in cool place


Nutrition information : 60g : 275 kcal Sodium :19mg Carbohydrate : 41g a sugar stream : 17g

Cholesterol : 0mg Fat; 11 g Trans fat : 0g Saturated fa : 11g Protein : 2g

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