[Desizon Masuri] shoe-tree set (deodorizer 140g)


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Dehumidification and deodorization in the shoe, as well as keep the shape of the shoe.
Golf shoes, luxury shoes, running shoes,etc.

※ Recommended size :
[Black, Beige]
- L is recommended for Korean shoes size 250~290mm
- M is recommended for Korean shoes size230~260mm
- M is recommended for Korean shoes size 230~260mm

-Removal of moisture, odor and harmful
-Humidity indicator (Blue-Pink)
-Length adjustment as the shoe size
-Antibacterial activity (99% or above)
-Keep shoes shape (shoe-tree)
-70g X 2/SET
-Maximum adsorption amount: 48.4g X 2 (RH 90%)

Made in : Korea
Material : ABS, silica gel B Type
*Expiration Date : 1 year after opening
*Please notice that refill is NOT included

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Desizon Masuri for shoes (shoe-tree) Deodorization dehumidifier for shoes that keeps shoes shape and remove moisture, odors in shoes Just put it in your shoes to remove odor and moisture as well as keeps shoes shape. 1. The shoe tree that keeps the shape of the shoe 2. Convenience that is repeated once a year 3. Remove moisture and deodorization inside shoes 4. Anti bacterial with nano-silver 5. Adjustable shoe tree size by fixed length adjuster 6. Easy to regenerate with automatic humidity control function 7 Removal of harmful substances in shoes So far, there has been no such excellent shot. You can adjust the length according to the shoe size, remove moisture, odor and harmful substances, and always make fresh shoes. Essential items of shoes that can be used repeatedly! Now experience the amazing effects. It absorbs moisture in a high humidity environment and discharges it in a low humidity environment. Absorbs and removes V.O.C(volatile organic compounds) and odors. Have been tested for safety by authorized agency.

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