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• 상품분류 : 건강기능식품 • 내 용 량 : 8g x 30포 • 특 성 : 홍삼의 기능성분과 탄산의 시원함을 즐길 수 있는 제품 • 원료명 및 함량 : 홍삼농축액분말(진세노사이드 Rg1, Rb1 및 Rg3 의 합 16mg/g) 국산 9.375%,

전자동 구증구포(九蒸九曝, 9번 찌고 9번 말림)  세계최초특허 ( 특허등록 13종, 특허출원 중 20여종 )

                                  ▫ 0.1℃ 까지 온도를 정밀제어하여 ‘잔뿌리’ 를 그대로 보존하므로 유효성분을 더욱 강화.



상품분류 : 건강기능식품


내 용 량 : 8g x 30


특 성 : 홍삼의 기능성분과 탄산의 시원함을 즐길 수 있는 제품

원료명 및 함량 :

홍삼농축액분말(진세노사이드 Rg1, Rb1 Rg3 의 합 12mg/g) 국산 9.375%,

함수결정포도당, 탄산수소나트륨 외


Hello. In 2010 February, our company, which is called the Jinsamga stock company, advanced to red ginseng business entry. In 2010 June, the company built up the brand power to Jinsam and registered patents. By using gujunggupo method, the company gave lives to rootlets of red ginsengs, develop Korean new brand red ginseng with full of saponin, and release to a market. In 2010 September, the company released Hongsamjung premium and actualized 6 years red ginsengs which total of Rg1 and Rb1 is the largest Korean content, 23mg/g. A content of red ginseng concentrate saponin is very important. Especially, red ginseng is a good product when it contains as much as contents are in red ginseng. Ingredients of red ginseng help immunity improvement, fatigue recovery, Distributions inhibit blood coagulation, and etc and improve memory. Gujunggupo is a process of manufacture thatginseng is repeatedly steamed and dried nine times. And by the repeat of the steaming process, useful ingredients, which are not in regular ginseng, are generated. By using a way to steam a ginseng for a long time, the company can prevent a lack of specific ingredients from a ginseng. Consequently thus, the ginseng company, jinsamga acquired development patents on bubble red ginseng that is the world’s first nine times steamed ginseng. Trade names of the products are hongsamjung, energy boy, and etc. Particularly, energy boy is the world’s first bubble red ginseng product which is mixed red ginseng concentrate powder with carbonic acid and people can experience or taste functional substances and coolness of carbonic acid together.Red ginsengs of Republic of Korea are first class and high quality merchandise in the world and unlike products of the other Korean ginseng company, healthy products with all sorts of patents of jinsamga, which are the same price, but four times better effect, are the best to taste. Thank you.


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