[HANKOOKTEA] Powdered Green Tea Gamnong Malcha (Ceremonial) [30g canister]


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Partially shade grown, the tender, bright green tea leaves are hand harvested and finely stone-milled into a soft powder with all the nutrients intact. Luxuriously smooth and slightly sweet in taste, the bright green liquor has a light grassy aroma.

Drink traditionally, whisked in a dawan (tea bowl).
Or simply add 1/2 teaspoon to 16.9oz bottled water and shake.

Grand Master of Traditional Foods is a distinguished title given to individuals in recognition of their extraordinary contributions in protecting and preserving the nation's traditional agricultural methods, manufacturing processes and unique tastes of Korean culture. Since 1994, in effort to protect & preserve Korean food traditions, the South Korea Ministry of Agriculture has recognized individuals for their contribution. Hankook Tea holds the title for both this malcha as well as hwang cha (partially oxidized tea).

[Contains 30g]

Origin: South Korea (Honam Tea Estate)

made in KOREA

volume / Qty : 30g

expiration date : 24months after manufacturing date.

main Ingredients: 100% Tea Leaves (Camellia Sinensis)

Grade: Ceremonial grade - partially shade grown, hand-harvested in April, stone-milled

Taste: Luxuriously smooth and slightly sweet with a light grassy aroma.
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