[Hangyeol] Premium Beef Jerky (10pack)


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1. A soft and non-salty premium beef jerky
2. Healty snack for children! A relish for adults!
3. Delicious and simple Wherever Whenever!

Food type - Dry Storage Meat (Sterilized Product)

Made in - Korea

Expiration date - Displayed separately on the front

Ingredients - Beef 85.23%(Australia), Chung Mi mixed seasoningA[D-sorbitol, white sugar, purified salt(domestic), separated soybean protein(Soybean:China), Beef Powder NM(Beef:domestic)], mixed soy sauce(Defaated Soybean:imported, wheat:USA), cinnamon powder, pickling salt[purified salt, sodium nitrite(color former), actid control], sorbic acid calcium(synthetic preservatives), erythrosine sodium(antioxidant) [Contains beef, soybean, wheat, and milk]

Volume/Qty - 45g

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