[Gong100] Sillica Gel Desiccant (0.25g)


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Product : Sillica Gel Desiccant
Brand : Gong100
Purpose : For removing humidity and odor inside shoes
Weight : 20g X 8EA (8 Silica Gels For Direct-contact, 1 Silica Gel Pouch For Area/space)
Country Of Manufacture : South Korea
Date of Expiration : 3 years from the date of manufacture, unopened
Use-By Date : 1 year after opening the product (Can change depending on the temperature and humidity.)
Date of Manufacture : Separately marked on the product
Replacement : Separately marked on the product
Type : Closets, shoes, solid-type
Ingredients : Silica gel
Precautions : Do not take out or rip breathable cover, and do not take out desiccant

Product Features
- Gong100 Silica Gel Desiccant to take care of humidity in a smart and effective way!
- Want to protect clothes/shoes from humidity!
- Want to remove odors from clothes!
- Want to remove odors inside the closet/shoe closet!
- Frustrated not being able to check the effects of clear silica gels!
- Silica Gel Desiccant that changes color as soon as it absorbs moisture!
- Visible dehumidifying effects!
- Cost-effective, semi-permanent use!
- Safe dehumidification, harmless to the body!
- Certified antibacterial & deodorizing effects!
- Keep your space nice and fresh!

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