[GANEKO UNIT] Metal glasses frame (GK1001)


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> Model no : GK1001
> Size : 50 ㅁ 19 - 145
> Made in Korea
> For all people
> Material : stainless steel
> Weight : 0.3g
> Contents:Case + Guarantee including
> Comfortable,lightweight,stylish

*Included lens are demo lenses.

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> Model no : GK1001

> Size : 50  19 - 145 

> Made in Korea

> For all people

> Material : stainless steel






* This guarantee certifies that the products are guaranteed through the eyewear company called Yujung corporation.

* You must bring the guarantee when you exchange, refund or repair the products.

* If there is a defect in the product, you can receive free After-sales service for 6 months from the date of sale. Damage due to careless handling is subject to a fee.

* However, replacement of the product due to defects must be made within 15 days at the headquarters or place of purchase

-Eyewear Handling Precautions

* Eyewear may have a weak part in product design, so be careful of strong impact

* When storing eyewear, please make sure that the lens part is facing upwards to prevent fine scratches (scratches) on the surface of the lens.

* In case of dust, seawater rain, sweat, etc., please rinse with water and wipe with eyewear cloth.

* Please note that there is a possibility of discoloration if you come into direct contact with eye wear frames such as hair products or cosmetics.

* Metal allergy skin does not wear metal.

* Be careful when storing because it is weak to direct sunlight and high temperature.

* If you have any other eye irritation, please have it checked at the place of purchase.

** Seoul, Kangdong-gu, Dunchon-dong, 605, 3rd Floor Ganeko unit.


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