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◦Food type : Fruit and vegetable products

◦Volume : TYPE A-10g(2g×5bags)/ TYPE B-20g(2g×10bags)

◦Packing : Outer packing - Paper / Inner packing - Polyethylene (PE)

◦Ingredients and content : Calamansi undiluted liquid(Vietnamese products, 10% solid content or more) 82%, Dextrin

◦Usage :
- It is a product which is made of powder (granule) of Calamansi undiluted liquid and packed in small packages of 2g. This is a product poured and deink into Soju.
- Besides Soju, it can be used for various purposes such as beverages, yogurt, dressing.

◦Feature :
- Light and small in bulk, so it's good to carry around because Calamansi undiluted liquid solution was powdered.
- It is more well-stocked than other liquid products refrigerated and sold.
- It is easy to use without being left small by one batch (2g).
- In Calamansi, it contains a large amount of natural hangover relief ingredients such as nobiletin, hesperidine(vitamin P), and pectin, which helps hangover relaxation and hanover relief when you drink, before and after drinking.
- The unique fresh fragrance do Calamansi dilutes the smell of alcohol, so thet not a big drinker can drink without a sense of discomfort.

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