[Bumil] Ssamjang Mild (250g)


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* Mildly Sweet & Less Salty taste (Lower Sodium)
* A blend of Bumil Soybean Paste & tantalizing veggies gives the Classic Bumil Ssamjng the light and mild flavor!

Bumil Ssamjang Mild 250g

" Sweet & Mild Korean BBQ Dipping Sauce "

To the classic Bumil Ssamjang, we added Light and Mild Flavor 

with the blend of Bumil Soybean paste and tantalizing veggies such as garlic and onion.

A must condiment for a vegetable dipping sauce and a wrap sauce! 

It compliments well  not just Korean Food such as Korean pork belly BBQ (Samgyeopsal), 

but also Western Dishes such as Quesadilla or Burritos.

 *** Bumil Ssamjang Mild has   <Mildly Sweet & Less Salty>  flavor. If you prefer <Saltier & Rich> flavor,  please order  Bumil Ssamjang! 


Food type: Processed Food

Made in Korea

Volume/Qty: 250g / 1EA

Expiration date: 18 months from manufacturing date

<Nutrition facts>

Total Calories 625kcal

Amount per 100g (% daily value)

Calories 250kcal

Sodium  2900mg  (145%)  Carbohydrate  49g (15% ) Sugars  18g (18%)

Total fats 1.9g (4%)  Trans fats 0g   Saturated fats  0.4g  (3%)  Cholesterol  0mg  (0%)  Protein 8g (15%)


Purified water, Non-GMO Soybean, Purified Salt, Wheat Flour, Wheat, Malt, Starch Syrup, Garlic,

 Red Pepper Powder, Onion, Ginger, Garlic Concentrate, Monosodium L-Glutamate, 

Potassium Sorbate, Spring Onion Powder,  Enzymatically Modified

 Stevia Glucosyl Stevia

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