[BEFINE] Leather Mouse Pad 2 (Navy)


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Category : Mouse Pad
Color : Navy
Size : 220 * 210 * 4 (mm)
Weight : 125 (g)
Model Code : BF-PD305NY
Details :
- Bringing premium quality and design philosophy of BEFINE to Mouse Pad.
- Since BEFINE LEATHER MOUSE PAD2 is slim and light, it can be used in any space with comfort.
- More than four edge coating processes have made strong and completed fine and solid LEATHER MOUSE PAD2.
- With a genuine leather, it makes remaining to feel of classic for a long period of using.
- It also prevents slipping while using with a Combination of genuine leather with a premiom suede.
- BEFINE LEATHER MOUSE PAD2 adds urban modern style and comfortableness to use of your experience with genuine leather mouse pad.
- These specially designed pad provides 5 different leather color to be increased of choices.

Notice :

- Any wrinkles, specks and scratches on the leather can be found. It is the natural characteristics of cowhide, not a defective.

- This is the high quality handmade products with premium materials. Entire process is to be done by our craftsman’s hands. 

  To meet the exacting standards, we do make small quantity with our utmost sincerity. We do not mass produce it.

Cautions on handling :

- Do not put the product into the water.

- If the product is wet, wipe with a dry cloth and dry it in the well-ventilated shade. Do not position it in direct sunlight or heat it.

- Do not store the product inside the non-porous container such as plastic bag. Mold can be formed in high humidity.

- The leather products can have a long life cycle with the specialized cream for leather. The dye on the leather is water-soluble, so be avoided from moisture and perspiration.

- Do not store the product against the other leather products. It can be smeared with the dye.

Quality Assurance Standards :

- One-year warranty

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