[AQUACOOL] AQUACOOL Spray Sports Recovery Cooling Spray 120ml (4oz)


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Volume: 120ml(4oz)
Skin Types: For all skin types
Expiration date Stated on the product
How to use
1. Apply the spray on to affected areas.
2. Massage until completely absorbed into skin.
3. Repeat as many as needed.

INSTANT COLD THERAPY : The liquid instantly cools down & re-vitalizes the applied area by penetrating quickly without stickiness and greasiness.
IMMEDIATE & INTENSIVE PAIN RELIEF : Specially formulated menthol, camphor and other ingredients relieve the pain from acute injuries such as sore muscle and painful joint and various orthopedic symptoms.
NOURISHING & MOISTURIZING : Boswellia Serrata Extract & Eucalyptus Oil helps nourishging & moisturizing the skin.
ODOR-FREE FORMULATION : Sweet scented herbal aromas helps to relax and recover after work out and also make you free to use it in Public place & Group exercise.

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【注意事项】1. 化妆品使用时若发生如下情况请停止使用,由于继续使用会加重症状,所以请咨询皮肤科医生。1)使用时,出现红点、红肿、瘙痒、刺痛等状况。2)使用部位,受到阳光直射时出现上述状况。2. 不要涂抹于伤口处或湿疹及皮肤炎症部位。3. 保管及拿取时注意事项1)使用后请扣紧盖子2)请放置于幼儿触及不到的地方3)请勿保管在高温、低温及光线直射的场所。4. 本产品具易燃性,因此请勿在火炉等明火处使用。


【成分】SD 乙醇 40-B、水、薄荷醇、甘油、(日用)香精、甘草酸二钾、光果甘草(GLYCYRRHIZA GLABRA)根提取物、丁二醇、尿囊素、积雪草(CENTELLA ASIATICA)提取物、苯氧乙醇、齿叶乳香(BOSWELLIA SERRATA)树脂提取物。



【地址】103, Jinigi-gil, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, Korea  

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