[AQUACOOL] AQUACOOL RED 120 Heat Therapy Gel 120ml(4oz)


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Volume: 120ml(4oz)
Skin Types: For all skin types
Expiration date: Stated on the product
How to use
1. Apply gel on to affected areas.
2. Massage until completely absorbed into skin.
3. Repeat as many as needed.

Made in Korea

INTENSIVE HOT THERAPY : The gel warms up & re-vitalizes the applied area by penetrating quickly without stickiness and greasiness.
IMMEDIATE & INTENSIVE PAIN RELIEF : Specially formulated vanillyl butyl ether, camphor and other ingredients relieve the pain from acute injuries such as sore muscle, painful joint and various orthopedic symptoms.
NOURISHING & MOISTURIZING : Magnesium & Glucosamine nourishes the joint and Eucalyptus Oil & Aloe Extract help moisturizing the skin.
ODOR-FREE FORMULATION : Sweet scented herbal aromas helps to relax and recover after work out and also make you free to use it in Public place & Group exercise.

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Q. Could you recommend the best product?

A. It depends on your symptoms. We recommend AQUACOOL BLUE when you sprain your joint such as ankle, wrist and knee, have the pain for muscles and joints, swell up by bruising, and need to quick recover. AQUACOOL RED helps to loosen your tired and knotted muscles and joints.

Q.. What are the main ingredients of AQUACOOL?

A. Main ingredients of AQUACOOL BLUE are menthol and camphor. Both ingredients are natural extract that can feel refreshing. Menthol has analgesic effect and sterilization effect through local stimulation, camphor has cold stimulation effect.

Q. Which products of spray, gel and roll are the best?

A. Gel and Roll are same ingredients. There is a difference in how to use according to container.

Q. Can I use AQUACOOL during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

A. In all cases, we recommend you consult your healthcare professional before using AQUACOOL products.

Q. What is the differences between BLUE and RED?

A. BLUE provides natural active ingredients with powerful cooling to applied area and helps to recover quickly. RED provides the heating effect to stiff muscles or chronic pain. It is help to relieve the pain. And it also contains glucosamine, which helps your muscles healthy.

Q. Are there any cautions to use?

A. You can use most of muscles and joint except face and sensitive parts. It depend on you and it is better to increase the amount of using product from small amount to suitable amount to yourself.

Q. What is the expiration date?

From the date of manufacture marked on the package, it is 3 years before opening and 1 year after opening.

Q. How many can I use with one tube (120ml)?

A. On average, use 2ml at one time. It can be used about 60 times.

Q. How often should I use AQUACOOL?

A: AQUACOOL can be applied as often as required. Generally, we suggest applying our products every 2 hours during times when high levels of support are required. If pain or discomfort persists, we recommend you visit your healthcare practitioner.

Q. How does glucosamine work?

A. Glucosamine is a beneficial ingredient in joint health. The main ingredient penetrates to help relax muscles and joints with hot warm-up effect.

Q: Are your products tested on animals?

A: No. We are against any form of animal testing.

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