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Volume : 100 ml
Country Of Manufacture : South Korea
Period of use : 3 Years since manufactured

Product Features
- Cooling effect
- Deodorant
- Anti-bacteria
- Fabric protection
- Fragrance
- Safe ingredients

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- Product category – Household items(Diffuser)
- Purpose(type) – Garment, Fabric, Shoes perfume, Spray type(Nozzle type)
- Product name – Normal Spray Cooling
- Date of manufacture - Separately marked on the product
- The origin of Product – Korea
- Apply skins – All types of skin
- Manufacturing company – C n Tec
19, Songpobaeksong-gil, Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea ,10212
- Sales company – Blanktv
5th floor, 706, Nonhyeon-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 06052
- Ingredients
Purified water, Ethanol, Persimmon Extract, Cypress, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Centella Asoatoca Extract, Star anise Extract, Green tea Extract, Camomile Extract ,Thujopsis Dolabrata Branch Extract ,Magnolia Kobus bark ,White willow bark Extract ,Grapefruit Extract ,Bambusa Textilis Stem Extract ,Pinus Palustris Leaf Extract, Mint extract, Higher alcohol group(Non-ion) less than 5%
- Product Volume : 100ml

- Cautions in using the product
1. Do not use the product for different purposes.
2. Store the product where children and pets cannot touch the product easily.
3. If the liquid contacts with eye or stimulates your skin, rinse it with enough water. In the case of drinking the liquid, please see a doctor immediately after drinking much water.
4. Please do the test on an inner part of cloth before applying it to some fabrics* because those cloth materials can be shrunk or transformed
5. Do not store the product the place which is exposed to a direct sunlight and too high and low temperature and store at room temperature(1-30 degrees)
6. Please keep the remains in the same container after use. It can be abused.
7. If you use it too much in enclosed place, please ventilate the place often

For chilling out your sultry day to feel happiness


Suggest ‘Normal Spray Cooling’ to eliminate sweat and reduce the heat while leaving lovely fruity fragrance 

The third product made by ANORMAL ‘Normal Spray Cooling’

Feel a delicious coolness in 2 seconds during a sultry summer


Normal spray cooling Peach

The cooling spray is used for garment and it contains the lovely peach fragrance which is a favourite with everyone.


Normal spray cooling Fresh

The cooling spray illustrates the green grape mojito fragrance which is the most favourite drinks during summer.


5 Check-points of Normal Spray Cooling

1. Strong cooling effect

Instantly feel coolness and freshness from a natural cooling agent after spraying the product.

2. Eliminate 99.6% of bad odor

Protect your cloth against unpleasant odors(sweat, smoking etc…) by removing such odors

3. Kill 99.9% of illness-causing germs

Kill 99.9% of E.coil(causing food poison) and Staphylococcus aureus for leading a sanitary lifestyle during summer.

4. Safe for all types of skin

It passed the patch test so that feel free to use it without the concern for stimulus.

5. Peach and fresh flavor

Enhance the joy of staying in summer via summer fruit fragrances (peach and green grape)

Have you ever felt terrible due to the scorching hot during summer 

which is supposed to be amused and excited.

Make a plan for your summer vacation in 2017 with Normal Spray Cooling

It would be remembered as slightly cooler and nice summer weather


The product uses a natural cooling agent deriving from Mint leaves extract 

so that it decreases the temperature right after spraying.

Enjoy the delicious coolness without concerns over ingredients.

The experiment on temperature


Before spray                                        2 seconds after spray

Here is one question!

I think there is no difference compared to water?


Water                                    vs                       Normal spray cooling

Normal spray cooling can maintain cooling effect longer than water 

which can maintain its cooling a moment.


Observe the rules of etiquette via the almost perfect odor eliminating effect of Normal Spray Cooling.

In the summer, there are not only sweat but also many unpleasant odors which arise our concerns.

Normal Spray Cooling is designed for solving such matters by eliminating all unpleasant odors in your cloth 99.6%



Do not worry about your skin safety when your skin is exposed to the product


What is the HRIPT?

This is the test which applies to all cosmetic products for guaranteeing the safety of the product when it applies to human’s skin, and Normal Perfume was classified hypoallergenic cosmetic by testing organization. So you can spray it on baby clothes too.


(Certified low stimulus and non-stimulus)

This is the test result of HRIPT on skin conducted by KDRI


Undetected 10 harmful substances

Normal Spray Cooling never uses those substances(Below)

Formaldehyde / Methanol/ Ethylene oxide/ Naphthalene/ Chlorine peroxide 

/ Iodopropynyl butylcarbamate/ Silver/ Benzene/ Glyoxal/ Trichloroethylene


Normal Perfume was examined its safety via safety regulation on deodorant 

which has more strict standard than air freshener one by KCL and Normal Perfume was certified 

which does not contain 10 harmful substances‘

Moreover, ANORMAL never uses PHMG, PGH, PHMB, CMIT, MIT and 1.4 dichlorobenzene 

which are highlighted by mass media 

because those ingredients usually contain in humidifier sterilizer.

And we also do not use carcinogen(Paraben, Phthalate group).

Normal Spray Cooling is the product which uses plant-derived ingredients instead of harmful substances



Persimmon Extract, Cypress, PortulacaOleracea Extract, CentellaAsoatoca Extract, 

Star anise Extract, Green tea Extract, Camomile Extract ,ThujopsisDolabrata Branch

Extract ,Magnolia Kobus bark ,White willow bark Extract ,Grapefruit Extract ,Bambusa

Textilis Stem Extract ,PinusPalustris Leaf Extract, Mint extract


Peach fragrance

The peach fragrance which gives a fresh and fluffy feeling illustrates an image of a leisurely moment 

that you bite a juicy peach under the cool shadow of tree in the middle of summer

Have a lovely peach scent via cool Normal Spray Cooling.


Green grape mojito fragrance

The Green grape mojito with mint fragrance which gives a fresh feeling illustrates an image of a moody moment 

that you drink a cocktail or fresh beverages while watching a nightscape in summer.

In a sultry summer, enjoy an amused summer atmosphere via a sweet and cool fragrance of Normal Spray Cooling.


Use Normal Spray Cooling in the following situations

Before go out in summer season

Are you afraid a terrible weather of summer to go out or commute?

Simply spray Normal Spray before go out. It changes your mood better.

The place which is hard to change the temperature

A jampacked bus and subway seem a nightmare in summer. In this case, use Normal Spray. 

When you spray it to your cloth, it eliminates unpleasant odors around the cloth and 

gives a cool feeling to the skin.

Suffer insomnia from tropical nights

It is common to experience tropical night phenomenon nowadays. 

In the event of such case, simply apply Normal Spray Cooling to your bedclothes before you sleep. 

Normal Spray will not only eliminate unpleasant odors in bedclothes and kill germs, 

but also impose a cooling effect for your sweet dream.

Outside activities during summer season

Will you just stay inside of room in summer?

Since from now on, stay with Normal Spray.

It allows you to stay in pleasant and fresh feeling, 

when you spray it frequently due to its cooling and anti-bacterial effect so that 

you will be joyful instead of unpleasant feeling.

Stay with Normal Spray Cooling all the time.

During exercise

It is the fact that you will be sweating more during the summer period. 

However, it is hard to give up having a pleasant from doing work out even during such period. 

Use Normal Spray Cooling. Because it can maximize coolness due to natural cooling agent from menthol. 

It would be a necessary product for people who enjoy doing exercise 

because they do not need to worry about body odor after the workout

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