[ANORMAL] NORMAL SPRAY Anti-mosquito (Zero / Full) (100ml)


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Product : [ANORMAL] NORMAL SPRAY Anti-mosquito (Zero / Full)
Volume : 100 ml
Country Of Manufacture : South Korea
Period of use : 3 Years since manufactured

Product Features
- Vermin Repellent
- Deodorant
- Anti-bacteria
- Fabric protection
- Fragrance
- Safe ingredients

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- Product name – Normal Spray antimosquito

- Effect – Vermin repellent product

- Main ingredients – Icaridin 7g

- Solution characteristic – Clear and colorless solution

- How to storage – 36 month after manufacture

- Way of use –

1 : When you use it as mosquito repellent product, adequately spray the product on exposed areas of your body.

2 : When you use it as mite repellent product, spray the product directly on your skin.

- Manufacture date and number - Separately marked on the product

- Product category – Household items(Diffuser)

- Manufacturing company – Eco Lin

363, Maehwaguin-ro, Gu-in-ri, Jangan-myeon, Boeun-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, Republic of Korea 182-10

- Product Volume : 100ml

Caution in using the product

1. Do not use the product immediately and rinse the applied areas in the following situations and consult with the doctor, dentist and pharmacist with this document.

1-1 When you can see hypersensitive conditions such as rash, itchiness.

1-2 It can inflict damage on your eyes. In such case, rinse your eyes with the water at least 15~20 minutes and consult with the doctor(If you wear a contact lens, please remove it immediately).

1-3 When people drink the product, please go to the hospital immediately.

2. Extra cautions in using the product

2-1 This product can only be applied to outer skin

2-2 Do not apply the product to in the following skin areas (Wound, inflammation, joint part, mucous membrane, around eyes and mouth etc) and badly sunburned skin.

2-3 Please avoid applying the product to whole body(maximum usage is 20% of your body) and apply it to exposed areas(arm, leg and around neck)

2-4 Do not excessively use it for long or too much.

2-5 Rinse or wash your hand before eating, smoking, drinking and using bathroom

2-6 Wash off your skin before you sleep, if you use the product during day or nighttime.

2-7 Do not apply the product to underwear and garment.

2-8 Do not use the product in the airtight room.

2-9 It might be able to inflict damage on plastic products, synthesis fabric, glass, rubber and painted product.

2-10 Do not apply the product to food, cookers, infant toys and pet food

3. Cautions in storing the product.

3-1 Keep the product in cool and dry places

3-2 Store the product the areas where children cannot reach easily and go to hospital directly when children swallow the product.

3-3 We do recommend keeping the product to its container to prevent accident against misuse or to maintain its quality.

Use mild ingredients but the effect is strong




Normal spray anti-mosquito is non-stimulus and safe mosquito repellent product 

which contains Icaridin. In terms of Icaridin, such ingredient is authorized by WHO as an insect repellent.


The fourth product made by ANORMAL ‘Normal Spray Cooling’


Please enjoy a glorious summer without worrying about mosquitos.


Normal Spray anti-mosquito


Use Icaridin which is a botanical ingredient


The product mainly uses Icaridin(pepper extract) which is authorized by 

WHO and other international organizations. 

It can strongly repel mosquito without stimulus or irritation on human’s body.


Use Icaridin which is a botanical ingredient

Icaridin is a synthesis compound which is developed by Bayer AG from 

the result of the research that pepper extract repels mosquito larva.

Icaridin(Picaridin) is authorized component which is widely used by 

Europe and other westerner nations due to its ensured safety.


5 Check points of Icaridin

It can be used for pregnant women and infants.


Icaridin is non-stimulus component even on eye and skin due to its characteristic. 

Moreover, it does not have carcinogen and not inflict damage on plastic and garments.


Icaridin component has not only fewer effect on human’s body 

but also easily urinates within 48 hours after absorbing it 

so that you can feel free to use it regardless of ages and genders.


It has a significant repellent effect on mosquito 

which delivers Zika virus, Malaria, Dengue fever than other components.




Zika virus causes eye inflammation, headache, muscle pain and rash etc, 

Zika virus infection during pregnancy is a cause of microcephaly.


In regard of the thesis referred from Nature produced by Washington University research group (31.10.2016), 

it showed the research result on Zika virus infection in male rats 

whose number of semen had been decreased after being infected by Zika virus. 

We cannot clearly say such case could be happened the same result on a human. 

In the case of the male who had Zika virus, such male has been detected 

the virus from semen 6 months after his recovery. 

Moreover, the case was announced which says 

‘The transmission of disease is more likely to happen through sexual contact’.


In 2017, even in Korea, there is the male(55 years old) 

who contacted Zika virus after travelling Bolivia as the source of Zika virus.




People who contacted malaria from mosquito bites show such symptoms 

pyrexia, algor and headache and it can develop complications




Dengue fever is transmitted by mosquito and it includes an acute and high fever.

Mosquito also transmits not only such 3 diseases but also yellow fever, Onchocerca.

You can prevent such diseases in advance via Normal Spray anti-mosquito.




As a chemical component, it has some side effects such as 

inflicting damage on nerve system, plastic and garment products

Lasting period /  5~8 hours




It is also a chemical compound. However, it is much safer than DEET and 

has a repellent effect on vermin regardless of species.

 Lasting period / 8 hours




Although it is a botanical ingredient, some components can cause 

an allergic reaction on skin and contain a possible carcinogen(methyl eugenol).

Lasting period /  3 hours




Although it is a botanical ingredient, some components can cause an allergic reaction on skin and 

it has a less repellent effect on Aedes albopictus Skuse with frequent application. 

Moreover, it contains a possible carcinogen(methyl eugenol).

Lasting period /  1 hours


Enjoy a glorious summer with Normal Spray anti-mosquito which has a long-lasting effect and fewer side effects 

compared to both other natural ingredients and synthesis compounds.


It has been authorized and recommended by 

many international health and medical groups.


World Health Organization / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention / European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control/ Environmental Protection Agency/ Korea Food and Drug Administration


Normal Spray anti-mosquito is the product which is made of the ingredients

recommended by public confidence in organizations.


It has a strong repellent effect on all vermin


It is true that there are many mites which are pretty hazard during the summer season.



Haemaphysalis longicornis

Haemaphysalis longicornis causes headache and high fever by transmitting 

SFTS (Severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome) and 

it can kill an infected person if such person has low immunity.

From 2013, there is the increase of such infected people across the world.



Orientia tsutsugamushi

Orientia tsutsugamushi which transmits Scrub typhus causes complications 

such as encephalomeningitis, septic shock to die


Icaridin has a strong repellent effect on vermin regardless of species. 

Protect you and your valued people against vermin during outer activities.


How Icaridin repel mosquito?





Mosquito detects the odor from the body to suck your blood.



Icaridin component inhibits mosquito’s detection about body odors.

Protect yourself against mosquito via Normal Spray anti-mosquito which is made of Icadirin.


Mild fragrance

Ordinary mosquito repellent products

Have you ever feel uncomfortable or hesitate to use due to its strong fragrance?


You can choose the fragrance between odorless scent (for sensitive people) and 

lavender fragrance(present a delicate herbal fragrance)



Normal Spray anti-mosquito does not have cinnamon, artificial fragrance, 

strong alcohol scent and disinfectant fragrance.



Zero / Odorless scent 


Full / Lavender fragrance 


Use Normal Spray anti-mosquito in every situation when you are worried about mosquito


Use Normal Spray anti-mosquito in the following situations.



Human’s body


When you want to avoid experiencing mosquito bites, at the moment, 

Adequately spray Normal Spray anti-mosquito 30 cm far from 

the exposed areas of the body. We do recommend using it in both your daily life 

and your holiday period.

(Do not spray the product too much and too long)



Spray an enough amount of the product the place where vermin frequently visit.




Spray an enough amount of the product the entrance of your room or office. 

It allows you to less concern about their invasion.



Do not let mosquito ruin your mood during summer.


Product description and Caution in using the product


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