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tooth care & gum healing- tooth bacterial film check, light therapy function

tooth care solution for your kids
teeth and gum management for the all family members
checker light & filter system provides visibility of tooth bacterial area
check cariogenic bacteria film through the Chikachecker system
photo therapy function for the gum disorder with the checker light : gum healing effect

material : stainless steel, PMMA
Made in Korea,

Can check my kid's tooth condition at home?

Here is the tooth solution, ChikaChecker!

ChikaChecker makes you can see the bacterial film on the teeth with your eyes.

\tooth checking

Find out the red florescence area. That is bacterial film, tooth plaque.

ChikaChecker Operating principle

Radiate Checker light >

   Fluorescence induction of porphyrin, metabolite of bacteria > 

Checking red plaques through the filter

Color guide

Light Therapy Function

If your gums are swollen and become weak, shine the Checker light on the gums closely and transfer light energy to them. By doing so, you can enjoy Chikachecker's excellent light therapy effects. 

Check it NOW, save Money and Pain !

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